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Heavy Duty Shower Curtain hangs with minimal movement, no magents needed, great for high useage areas:

  • Easily Cleaned - Wipe off with damp cloth or throw in washing machine at cool temperatures, dry in dryer at coolest setting, or line dry
  • Rust Proof Grommets - Made of aluminum, grommets will not rust (36" wide = 6 grommets, 48" wide = 8 grommets, 72" wide = 12 grommets)
  • Reinforced Header - Binding sewn in at top reinforces grommet durability
  • Smooth Edges - No seams or stitching at sides or bottom hem to allow for easy water run-off
  • Standard Sizes - Fits bathtubs (72" x 72"), Regular shower stalls (48" x 72") and Small shower stalls (36" x 72")


Heavy Duty Shower Curtain

PriceFrom $9.47
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